Puja in Nepal

I hadn’t had any spiritual stuffs in my life before. I could join the ceremony of shaman (puja) in that time.
Because my friend who was a student of shaman invited me to the ceremony.

I was just curious about the spiritual stuffs. I was interested that how will it make me change. For example, thought of the life, understanding and so on… I thought that I wouldn’t know unless I tried… in most of case.


In the end, I have joined 1o days in the total. But this experience haven’t changed my almost mind. But it was interesting.


We were playing drums and dancing with mantra sung by Guru*. Sometimes we danced on the fire. And everybody were shouting out.

I burned my sole of my foot and couldn’t shout out. It was caused by the shortage of my practice. Maybe. (The shouting out seemed to happen without thinking. It wasn’t on their purpose.)

*Guru… A teacher, guide or master of shaman in this term.


To begin with, the Puja seem to be a ceremony sharmans call the gods into their mind and ask the gods their questions. It’s a kind of oracle?

After this experience, I again realized that I’m not interested in this kinda style. I mean… asking the gods about my troubles, future. So it was enough for me.


By the way, my friend who was a student of shaman has seemed to become a SHAMAN now.

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