Changing for the better


The hotel had wifi, so I researched… I found the “downtown” which had some guesthouses. Shit!
Then I checked out the hotel and headed to the “downtown” by local bus early morning.
The fare was 200 MMK. How cheap…

The first day in Myanmar gave me only a negative image.
But the next day was different.
I could apply permission for visiting India from Myanmar by land road. The staff told me this application would most certainly pass. How glad! I was so happy I wanted to dance, but insteadI just told her how thankful I was. She was very kind and the staff at the bus counter was also kind.
Because of this I might accept Myanmar.
(I applied the permission in the tourist information center. The price was 100 USD. But the price was cheaper than there if I applied it in Seven Diamond?. French couple I met later told me.)

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