Agenda of North East India


I couldn’t find any working places as volunteer in north east India. Then I headed to the west with looking for sightseeing places.
I couldn’t get the information about sightseeing so much in internet and guidebook, but I don’t want to do nothing because I paid expensive fee for the permission. And the expiration date is coming.


What it reminds me are…
– I rested cure for my swollen foot in the same city for a week.
– I went to see almost dry water fall (Because of the off-season)
– The fare of Darjeeling which have become 3 times more expensive than prior information weird me out (But I take it)
– I went to hot spring I had really missed in Sikkim. But it looked small and dirty, so I left there 5 minutes later. (I put just foot)

I couldn’t feel both physically and mentally at ease or comfortable.


Oh, but staying in local guy’s house in Manipur was nice memory.

And I think that there were kind people more than my typical image of India.


I head to Nepal.

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