Oil massage


I’ve come back to the usual world after a while.
I was very tired. So I planned to stay in Mint House, then head to Myanmar.

Anyway I wanted a massage.
I went to massage Mint House that we recommend to me with Julien.

I tried oil massage for the first time.
Julien seemed to have already come here, he told me that it was very good.

First, we needed to choose an oil.
Then the staff took us to a room, and gave us small something made by paper.
I wondered what it was… it was an underpants. a thin one.
I stopped a moment. Do we actually wear it? Julien nodded silently.

So I took off my clothes, and we only wore the underpants. And we lied face down on each bed, then the massage started.

It was very good.

The massues were young girls.
It was dangerous. When I lied down on my back, I had to kill the feeling inside of me.
I had already tried a massage before but the massues was an old woman. So there was no problem.

The massues massaged me very well without crotch until the breaking point.
I had a secret desire for going to the next step, but the massage was finished as usual.

The price wasn’t cheap, but the massage was worth the price.
Thank you very much.

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