I went to the mountain in Chiang Mai to experience agriculture as a volunteer for around 3 weeks.


農場の名前はHappy Healing Home。名前だけ見るとややあやしい。けど、別に新興宗教的なアレはない。

The name of the farm was Happy Healing Home. When I saw just the name, it seemed to be a little strange. But they weren’t a new religious group.
We feel strange if they have positive words for their name like “Happy” or “Healing”. I wonder if it’s an unique sense of japanese?



My mobile phone worked because I got a SIM card for calling and SMS. So when I wanted to use internet, I needed to go to the nearest market from here by car that took less than an hour. In this farm, volunteers who want to use the internet, we could go there every Monday.



In this lifestyle, we start to work from 6:30 am to breakfast time. After it, we work again until lunch time. Then we can rest until 4:00 pm. After the resting, we work until dinner. And we cook our meals ourselves. We usually go to bed around 8 pm – 9 pm.
The working time is around 8 hours or less than 8 hours per day.
It was easier than my work in my last job focusing on just time. We also didn’t have overtime work.
But… it was very hard for me. I thought the work time of the volunteers is around 4-5 hours in the rules of workaway… maybe.



The contents of volunteer were putting water for the plants, caring about animals, construction of water system and so on.
The hardest job was putting water for me physically. It was just fetching water and putting water for plants, but I’ve gotten muscular pain. One reason of it was my insufficient exercise.
And we didn’t have day off. It was very… very funny.



But English was the biggest problem. Our conversations were in English only. Everyday conversations weren’t a big problem. Work conversations were a big problem. So I was very frustrated day by day. It was the hardest thing for me mentally.
I know it is because of me. But… hmm…



Can I continue this volunteer for 3 weeks in this situation… ?


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